The Life of Opy: Part 1 – Introduction


This STI rally car served as a source of inspiration for Lars. Check out that cage work, billet hand brake lever, and carbon fiber door panel.

So what is the Multi-Purpose Racer concept? It is to take one vehicle that can participate in all forms of racing with only basic suspension and wheel/tire combination swaps. It can be configured for hill climb racing, road course track use, stage rally, and even drag racing. The MPR will be tested in relatively stock form first and then progressively modified in purpose-built race car fabrication style. There will be a LOT of fabrication to take a Nissan Juke from fun commuter car to all-out race car.


Lars Wolfe Racing didn’t have a big time baller budget, so some bargain shopping had to be done to find a Juke to serve as the foundation for the MPR. Race cars don’t exactly need to be street legal and much of the car will be torn apart anyway, so starting with a damaged car is a good way to save a lot of cash.
In the middle of the night, our chosen one arrived.
Meet Opy! Oh, and Lars too.
The first order of business is establishing a weight baseline. Opy came in the door at 2844lbs.

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