The Road to World of Speed Part 5: From Bearings to Bones, We are Unstoppable


Or maybe not… In the midst of writing these last few paragraphs, we’d discover a surprise present from Mother Nature. The rear shackle on our Nissan Titan broke clean in half as a result of corrosion. Keep in mind I live in California. Clearly, the years at Bonneville have taken their toll.


A call to quick call to PRG performance for a set of their adjustable Nissan Titan shackles paired with overnight delivery, would get us over that last hump.

By the time you read this though, we should be on our way to World of Speed. Honestly, despite all the bad things that have happened, it could have been worse. We like to describe it as “the best worst case scenario” if that makes any sense. In other words, that spring shackle could have broken while we were towing to Bonneville. Or, we could have destroyed the entire engine and turbo figuring out that we were lacking valve control or that the crankshaft was going bad.


With improved valve control, the SR15VET made the same power with almost 1 bar less of boost!

In the past few months, the team has overcome some tremendous challenges, definitely more than any other year. I don’t think anyone can argue our level of determination and if you got in our way, we’d probably tear your eyeballs out, feed them to Zombie Nick for desert, and then display your head on Project 240SX LSR as a warning to others. Ok, perhaps that’s taking things a bit too far or… maybe not! Things are looking up now. We’re making some big, consistent power and feel that our little SR15VET still has a bit more power left in her. Is 700 horsepower possible? We think so.

With that being said, please wish us luck and keep your fingers, toes, and ears crossed for us… and if you see Murphy, kick him square in the nuts for me.





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