The Ultimate Car Cover? Covercraft’s Weathershield HD
After sliding the cover over the front of the car, pull it over the car and work the elastic under the rear bumper.

All of the seams on the cover are double overlapping for extra strength.  An interesting detail is that the thread used is white.  It is to prevent the color from bleeding out of the thread if the cover is wet for a long time.  Bleeding can actually stain light colored paint!

The cover fits perfectly and will protect our EVO well.  It will also resist blowing off due to the underhangs on the front and rear of the car’s body.

We have been using the cover for several weeks and it resists dust, dirt and morning dew and sprinkles very well.  It never really rains here but we feel that it will work better than any other for protection from the rain!  The fabric’s breathability will help protect the car from condensation damage as well.

For a car that stays indoors most of the time but is occasionally left outside overnight, Weathershield is probably your best choice in fabric but for a car that is stored outdoors or parked in public, nothing can beat the protection and imperviousness off Weathershield Plus as long as the weight and slightly increased bulk doesn’t bother you in storage.  To top it all off Weathershield and Weathershield Plus covers are warranteed for six years even in tough outdoor use.  We find that alone to be simply amazing as no cover we have every owned before lasts even a year! Great stuff.




  1. I bought the Weathershield HP for my NA Miata in November of 2014 after I stopped daily-ing it (which it’s now a full blown autox/track car). I unfortunately don’t have the luxury of a garage, nor a covered car port, so I needed to buy a cover for it. I of course wanted THE BEST cover money could buy…so I spent an embarrassingly long time researching car covers online. I read good things about this one, so I ended up dropping the $290 on it.
    Worth. Every. Penny.
    3 years 9 months of exposure in NYC summers and winters, and the elastic is still very springy and the fabric is still holding strong with no tears. I also bought the clips and rope tie downs, but you honestly don’t need them since the elastic band and the custom fit is spot on even after all that time.
    What’s funny is I bought a cheap-o cover the summer of ’14 just to hold me over until I found a good one, and it didn’t even last 2 months.

    1. The longest I have ever had a cover last, like the top of the line NOAH covers is a year before they fall apart. The Six-year unconditional warranty did it for me!

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