Tokyo and Cars

Yesterday I went for a morning run at Niseko after the rain, but the slopes were really icy. I was kicking ass full speed, hit an icy divot and flipped over the top side falling on the left side of my butt and hit my head harder than a motherfucker on the ice at the same time. That was on my 2nd run down the mountain. Needless to say, I was done with Niseko. When the conditions are great, Niseko has bomb ass powder. Overall I would recommend Niseko for serious boarding, but warning: there are no ski bunnies (good looking chicks). If you want the hot chicks, you have to go to the man made snowboarding slopes in Tokyo.

We got back to Tokyo last night and had the best Yakiniku (Japanese style Korean bbq) in Japan (seriously), but more on this later. Today we cruised around Tokyo. Mitsuko was driving us around in her dad’s twin turbo Aristo. We went to Akihabara for some quick shopping, Shinbashi for bomb ass tempura, and drove through Ginza.

What I did see were several Lamborghinis, a couple Ferraris, and multiple Porsches. It seems like the Japanese economy is doing just fine. I also saw an EVO X on the bus from Niseko to the Chitose airport, a new STi, and the new BMW 1 series. Japan gets all the good stuff first. What a gyp.

An EVO X using it’s AWD in the snow.

Porsche GT3 with a roll cage and harnesses slammed to the ground.

The new Ford Focus in Akihabara. Oh sorry, I meant the new Subaru Impreza STI.

The new BMW 118i ain’t shit, but it’s the basis for the upcoming 135i which has the 335’s twin turbo engine. Then it’ll be the shit.

Here’s the JZS161 Aristo we were cruising. JDM nerds: notice the carbon fiber license plate panel. This is a factory Toyota piece so ask your friend’s cousin’s brother’s friend to order you one in Japan.

Akihabara was packed even on new year’s eve.

A visit to Akihabara wouldn’t be any fun without the lolita maids. For more details on Akihara the Otaku Heaven, click here and here.

Ginza is always nice and clean. It’s like the Beverly Hills of Tokyo I guess.

The view from my hotel room at the Dai-Ichi Seafort Hotel in Tennozu Isle.

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