Tokyo Auto Salon – Best Cars

I know this is late, but oh well. Better late than never. Below are the dopest cars I saw this year at TAS. To be honest, there was more fashion stuff than I hoped to see. What happened to 1990’s JDM when everything was just RAW ASS HORSEPOWER? American raw ass horsepower is no fun; they only use it a 1/4 mile at a time. 1990’s JDM is my favorite because they USE the power on the street. There were too many fish tanks, chrome wheels, and vans this year.


HKS had this turn key EVO 9 widebody for about $60k with 350hp. I’d buy it for $60k.

dope chaser.jpg

This is the dopes Chaser I’ve ever seen. If I were to own a drift car, this would be it. The Volk Racing RE30’s are so tight!


Nissan’s SuperGT GT500 350Z. I love the shape of the car despite it not being a good looking race car. Did that make sense?


Many of you know I’m not a Supra fan. That’s because they suck compared to a GTR. But you gotta give props to a Supra from Top Secret with a twin turbo V12 from the Toyota Century. Smokey is the MAN!! It makes “only” 600hp, but the car is still new and untested. I think Top Secret is still wasting their time (man, did I write that?) on Supras because there aren’t too many sports cars in Japan at the moment.


Varis had this pretty dope looking Time Attack EVO. The Japanese haven’t figured out to use big tires yet. They are still on 265’s. But hey, it’s JDM so it’s gotta be the best right?!?! NOT. My BNR32 GTR will dust it.


My favorite car at the show: Pheonix Power’s BNR32 with BBS LM2 wheels. The body kit is from GREX/Greddy (fuck Greeddy), but hey nobody’s perfect.


Now this is what I’m talking about: 930hp the old school way. The OS Giken 3.0L with two old school TD06-20Gs and no air filters. The 1990’s JDM way to make big power. Actually the TD06’s are 1970’s technology, but it is a Greddy kit after all.

That’s about it for now. My 5 favorite cars from the show. There were a bunch of super tight ass Lexus LS460’s too. But honestly, for every 1 dope car there were 5 not-so-dope cars. My next post will be either more cars or the girls of TAS 2007.

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