Tuner Maxx

The word “tuner” has really gotten to me. It’s so over used and played out and it’s not even a mainstream word. The word “tuner” is like Timbaland producing pop music – wack. Of course Timbaland is making millions so I don’t blame him for selling out. Anyway, so this past weekend I was up in San Francisco visiting the city and my friends Phil and Robby from 360 Video. More on this trip later, but I went to Amoeba Records on Haight Street and I was browsing through the Electronic music section and I ran into this compilation series called “Tuner Maxx”. There were slammed spo-com style BNR34 GT-Rs on the covers. The Skyline is far from a “tuner” car – it’s a world class sports car that the world has yet to experience. I like to call GT-Rs the poor man’s supercar. Anyhow, judge for yourself how gay the covers are:



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