Turbosmart Comp-Gate40 Wastegate


The included v-band weld flanges are designed for 1.75” O.D. Tube. The pressure fitting threads in the aluminum hat and base are 1/16” NPT, and adapter fittings are included for a 5mm hose, but Turbosmart also has -4 AN adapters as well. The clamp hardware is stainless and includes K-nuts.

Wastegate opening pressures are adjusted via spring combinations for 3 springs. Spring pressures for up to 26psi are available. To tighten and loosen the lock ring, a toothed spanner wrench in included that looks a lot like a coilover spring seat spanner. Once the lock ring is loosened and pressure is applied to the spring hat, the lock ring will unscrew or screw effortlessly. Getting the lock ring on and off the wastegate was a cinch even with the 23psi springs used on the SSE EVO. I requested a wastegate spring change at the track and Mike from SSE literally changed the springs in about a minute for each wastegate. I was amazed at how quick it was.

All in all, the Comp-Gate40 worked perfectly right out of the box. The only thing I found to help it work even better is the application of some light grease on the locking ring threads. We also had Turbosmart fuel pressure regulators and a Race Port blow off valve, but we ran out of time to change fuel pressure regulators and the BW EFR turbo had a integrated BOV that worked sufficiently already. I think I might be using a couple of Comp-Gate40 wastegates on my personal BNR32 GT-R with a Full-Race twin scroll exhaust manifold and a BW EFR turbo. Or that’s my plan for now anyway…

Here’s a somewhat unrelated diagram, but it might come in handy for some of you inexperienced DIY’ers. This diagram is from the Comp-Gate40 instruction manual.

Make sure you visit the Comp-Gate40 website where there are some good laughs. Check it out if you’re wondering why a Comp-Gate40 and Darth Vader and Justin Bieber are battling it out in these pics:

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