Unagi in Mishima

Saya and I rented a little Toyota Passo and drove out to Hakone to check out the hot springs. On the way back we stopped by Mishima to eat at this little restaurant that serves one of the best Unagi bowls in all of Japan.

Saya got the double bowl for 4000 yen (two layers of eel) and I got the single for 3100 yen. It cost a small fortune, but definitely the best eel I’ve ever had.

This is the name of the restaurant. It was freezing so excuse the dumb ass look.

It was the Passo or the Vitz. I wanted the full JDM experience so I went for the Passo which isn’t available in the US. The Passo features a full liter (1.0L) of fury, but surprisingly offered just enough power to get on the highway and get up the mountains no problem. It will cruise at 140kph and I calculated 46mpg which is pretty damn good. It’s easy to park anywhere too.

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