Universal In-Tank RetroFit Fuel Modules

Holley Universal In-Tank RetroFit Fuel Modules


Holley is pleased to announce the release of their all-new Universal In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Modules. Available in both return-style and returnless configurations, these hassle-free fuel modules relieve the burden of converting a factory tank or fuel cell for an in-tank EFI fuel system. They are an ideal fuel system solution for any Holley/MSD EFI multi-point or TBI conversion.



Each version of our drop-in module is available with two fuel-pump options – 255 lph or 450 lph – to match a wide variety of applications. Each module comes with an innovative Holley HydraMat installed to handle fuel-pickup responsibilities, which makes for a powerful combination of engineering and performance.



Returnless Modules include all the features of a standard return module and eliminate the need for a return line and a conventional pressure regulator, which simplifies the job even further. Included is an internal fuel-pressure regulator preset to precisely 60 PSI. Once installation is complete, all that remains is fuel-line routing and connecting the power source and ground.

This billet-aluminum module includes a billet pump-hanger bracket to control pump vibration. The entire assembly installs securely into any tank from 5.5 to 12 inches deep and features a low-profile design that's only 1.275-inch above the tank-mounting surface for added clearance.



A vibration-resistant clamping system and integrated fuel pump make it easy to locate the module anywhere in the tank and rotate the unit a full 360 degrees for unlimited plumbing and wiring clocking. All-aluminum construction and black anodizing make for great looks and maximum corrosion-resistance. Both pumps utilize ¼-inch NPT ports which create an endless array of plumbing options.

Returnless Style:

Return Style:




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