Used Parts Extravaganza @ XS Engineering

After being in business for 11 years now and collecting junk for just as long, the guys at XS Engineering created a section on the website for “Specials & Clearance” parts. Remember: another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This saying can also apply to women, but that’s a whole different story. Anyhow, yes I have a personal interest in some of these used parts since some of them belong to me, but there are so many good parts on there that you could almost build a car from purchasing parts from the Specials & Clearance section of the XS Engineering website. There are used parts, parts on special, and clearance items all in one place. There are even random parts such as an ACT Supra Twin Turbo pressure plate, Q45 90mm throttle body, K&N Cone Filters, Skyline GT-R stock intercoolers, BCNR33 GT-R body parts, Ianetti Ceramic Apex seals for 13B, PFC Brembo Ferrari F40/F50 brake pads, and more highly sought after parts. Why does XS Engineering have so many high end parts? Because they’ve been building high end cars for the last 11 years. Their overstock = your gain.


There’s something for almost everybody. Let’s say you have a B-series honda. There are turbos, head gaskets, pistons, rods, intercoolers, etc. Or if you have a FD3S rotary there are engine parts, exhaust manifolds, turbos, mufflers, radiators, intercoolers, etc. Or if you have a 240SX there are engine parts, turbos, intercoolers, exhaust manifolds, ECUs, etc. Hell there’s even a 2WD Dynojet for sale (they have a 4WD dyno so there’s no need for two dynos). The list goes on and on.You should check back regularly since parts are added and removed as they are found and sold. Good stuff…..for cheap.

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