VIDEO: 1 Lap in the 1 – Berk Technology BMW 135i @ Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch


 traqmate output
The Traqmate displays lateral G’s as well.  Look how the much time the cars spends dwelling over one G.  It is pretty common to see this on a track with banked turns and R compound tires but the Berk car is doing this on street tires and FLAT turns.  When you look at the data the car spends a lot of time dwelling at over one G.  A few years ago, BFG had an ad campaign about their street tire being able to pull over 1 G laterally.  Here the Hankook RS-3 pulls 1.2 to 1.3 G’s on a streetable car!  Like we said the RS-3 is not a DOT race tire but a street tire!
 traqmate output
Here speed vs time is plotted, this is a good tool to gauge how much exit speed you are generating and if sacrificing cornering speed to get good exit speed might actually be a good trade off.  This is a good driver training tool.
 traqmate output
Here the Traqmate plots elevation vs time.  We are not quite sure how it does this but when compared to topo data we were able to find, it is actually quite accurate.  We will have to call Traqmate to find out how this works.

In the past, this sort of data acquisition was only available to the most well funded race teams, teams with huge budgets and dedicated personnel to data gathering.  Traqmate brings these sorts of tools into the hands of the motorsports consumer.

We will be integrating Traqmate data and Contour HD video into our editorial more in the future to add another dimension to our car features.  Look for data on many of the top Time Attack and other racers in the future with our features.

Look for us to now be able to do much more in depth testing in the near future.  Also remember that the Traqmate and Contour HD are not equipment priced only for elite professionals, this stuff is actually quite affordable, thus leaving you with no excuse if you want to really see what is going on in your testing or driver development!  Check out their web sites and see why we are so excited about this stuff.

Berk Technology BMW 135i Time Attack car


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