Video: Controlled Chaos Ep. 7 – Falken Tire on Leaving Formula Drift

Video: Controlled Chaos Ep. 7 – Falken Tire on Leaving Formula Drift

by GTChannel

This final episode of Controlled Chaos focuses on Falken Tire's final event at the Formula Drift Round 7 at Irwindale Speedway. We speak to some of the crew and drivers Daijiro Yoshihara, Darren McNamara and Justin Pawlak.

The producers at GTChannel would like to thank Nick Fousekis, Jonathon Bradford, Steve Wong and everyone from Falken Tire who made this documentary possible. Not only are you sponsors of this series but an inspiration to all of us involved in this sport. Thanks so much for your effort and contribution to this sport during the past decade.

We would also like to thank Scott Dodgion, Shay Alexander and the SPD Motorsports gang. We must not forget Rick Lamber and the Race Tech Services team for always letting us get in their way and only give us smiles in returns. Mike Kojima of MotoIQ and Chris Marion for always making the video crew feel like a part of this great team.

Obviously the drivers, Justin Pawlak for opening up to the camera and showing us the great guy you are. Darren McNamara for your weird sense of humor and drive to excel. Your Seattle win was one of the most awesome events we had the privilege to cover. Dai Yoshihara, you are part of the GTChannel team now. Tough season but we can't wait to capture you on camera again on the podium. And it will be more sooner than you think.

We would also like to thank Jim Liaw, Ryan Sage and everyone at Formula Drift for always giving us the access we need to make this show what it is. Yes even you Andy. John Pangilinan, Brandon Scarpelli and all at ID Agency, we love you despite the smelly yellow vests.

Daryl and the boys at Belle One Racing Communications, where would we be without you guys. Chabin Mullen and his awesome crew, thanks for sharing your footage.

We'd like to thank GoPro for the incredible cameras and Ram Mounts that keep our GoPros from flying off the car.

Lastly, we'd like to give props to our incredible team of videographers, editors and graphic artists. Loren Haleston, Thomas Babiarz, Mark Haleston, Jared Auslander, Daniel Baker, Evan Jones, Andrew Escarcega and EJ Kim.

Taro Koki and Scott Schlichter
Executive Producers



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