VIDEO: Dai Yoshihara’s 2012 Formula D S13 on the Dyno

VIDEO: Dai Yoshihara's 2012 Formula D S13 on the Dyno

MotoIQ Staff Report

Just a quick teaser of things to come.  We caught Team Falken doing some pre season dyno testing of Dai Yoshihara''s Discount Tire Nissan S13 while covering another story.  We were asked not to shoot the car until it was officially released to the public but were able to take this iPhone video.

The engine looks like an alloy tall deck LS variant which can only mean one thing, big displacement, probably 454 cubic inches or bigger.  We were not allowed to see dyno charts or look at the car closely.  It sounded really mean but to know more we will probably have to wait until Long Beach.




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