VIDEO: Formula D 2011 Round 1 – John Russakoff

VIDEO: Formula D Round 1 – John  Russakoff

While you’re waiting for full coverage of this weekend’s event from Palm Beach due out later today, check out this video shot by Anton Duong of John Russakoffback at Long Beach earlier this year! This was John’s first event since signing on with Megan Racing and Nexen tires.

John was our favorite privateer and we were always trying to spread the word about him so he could get picked up to do a full Formula D season.  Thankfully the industry also noticed and John now drives for Megan Racing and Nexen tires.

John is also going against the grain by continuing to run the Iconic but underpowered Toyota AE86 with an interesting twist, Honda power.  Johns AE86 was not powered by a 4AG but a F20C from a S2000.  For Atlanta John was sporting something really interesting, a K24 converted to RWD.

Keep an eye on John, we hope he gets more notice and picked up by one of the big teams.


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