VIDEO: Formula D New Jersey 2009 from Will Roegge


VIDEO: “The Wall” Formula D New Jersey 2009 from Will Roegge

Check out this sick video shot of the Formula D event in New Jersey last month by Will Roegge.  Turned on to Will’s work by our buddies over at, we were so impressed we wanted to share it too!  Will captures the violent and fast action of elite level pro drifting and somehow makes it look surreal and beautiful. Only graduating from film school a few years ago, Roegge directs, shoots, edits, and colors all his own work and has produced content for Yahoo!, Pfizer, Wrecked Magazine,, Rice Boy TV and a host of other clients.  We’re looking forward to featuring more of Will’s work as he cranks it out so stay tuned!  Check out more from Will on his website:

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