VIDEO OPTION and a Funny Car dragster and no crash!

 VIDEO OPTION Vol.200 Part 8 of 13 – Death Defying Crashes, Car Fires, The Drift King, and MORE!


The legendary Japanese video magazine, VIDEO OPTION is finally here on GTChannel in English! IN this episode you can see how the legendary Go Go Daijiro takes on the most American of motorsports institutions,  the explosively powerful Top Fuel Funny Car!



GTChannel is the exclusive distibutor of Video Option videos and you can visit for even more exciting car content.

About Video Option: In Video Option you will find drift, drag, time attack, speed challenges and Wangan races featuring Daijiro Inada and many other JDM heroes such as Manabu Orido, Keiichi Tsuchiya, Tarzan Yamada and Ken Nomura. These are the videos that started it all!  






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