Volk Racing’s US Distributor Mackin Industries Is Proud To Present The Volk Racing ZE40’s With New 19 Inch Sizes Added!

Volk Racing's US Distributor Mackin Industries Is Proud To Present The Volk Racing ZE40's With New 19 Inch Sizes Added!


Volk Racing, produced by Rays Engineering, has long been the leader in modern wheel design. So, it should be no surprise that Volk Racing would release the new ZE40. The ZE40 is a completely new wheel design with each of its 10 spokes featuring an aesthetic finish that also helps reduce weight. Those spokes will also feature 4 different concave faces, depending on width and offset of the ZE40 you choose. The wheel center of the ZE40 incorporates a new overhang design for strength and looks.



ZE40's are Mold Form Forged 1pc wheels. Mold Form Forged is the highest wheel manufacturing technology in the world. 



JWL+R Spec 2 (Japan wheel safety standards (2 levels) + Rays Japan's very own safety standards on top) Just meeting the minimum is not enough. This is the reason why RAYS created their very own standards “JWL+R”. RAYS JWL+R standard is much more severe than the standard “JWL” testing which is conducted by the Japanese government. You can have more confidence and obtain more reliability from their “MADE IN JAPAN” wheels.



Colors: Matte Blue Gunmetal (GB) or Bronze (BR)(Almite)
Included: Air Valve (Hi-speed Air Control Valve)
Optional: Center Caps (Standard or High type) 




To find out a local dealer in your area, please contact:

Mackin Industries Inc. – (562) 946-6820

Email – productinfo@mackinindustries.com




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