Wanna Buy a Prodrive WRC Car (or parts)?

In the midst of Prodrive’s termination of the SWRT (Subaru World Rally Team) and Subaru’s withdrawal from WRC Rally, it appears that Subaru WRC cars and parts are now making their way into the public market. They always were available, but at ridiculous prices. In fact, now you can even phone up Prodrive and buy yourself certain parts from the 2008 WRC car such as the rear wing (somebody I know did that). Our favorite Frenchman, Jeremy at Cosworth UK, sent us an email forwarding the link to a Japanese MSN page that has detailed information on Prodrive WRC car sales. The MSN page with the Prodrive car information unfortunately is all in Japanese. Using altavista.com’s Babelfish translator, we get:

“You can buy the Subaru WRC machine!? In the midst of special sale opening of dream The English professional drive corporation on the 20th, announced the rally machine sale of the Subaru ‘in presser WRX which the same company produces’. WRC (worldwide rally championship) the machine 8, the group N machine the just model of 17 units and maniac drivelling. As for in 25, most being possible to be observed by the collector, the WRC machine which is produced to 1997. 1997, as for WRC many of the participation manufacturer moved to the WR car due to regulation modification. Subaru of that time 2 door coupes of the first ‘in presser’, ‘[ritona]’ develops the WR car in the base, has participated to WRC. As for the machine which professional drive sells, 1 units which WRC of 1997 season fought just. It was transferred to the customer of the same company in 1998, but the Irish [matsukinsutorimotasupotsu] corporation full restore. It was reconstructed to the state at the time of rally Finnish participation of 97 years. Now name of the [nitsuki] grist of dying/fleeing coming choline [makure] and the navigator is cut in the machine. This chassis number “PRO-WRC-97-001” to be arranged in tar Mack specification, the body color of course the WR blue. Selling price is 85,000 pound (approximately 11,500,000 Yen). Now when Subaru withdrew from WRC, value as a collection is expected also that it increases. 55,000 Europe of 2005 type professional drive ‘in presser group N’ (approximately 6,750,000 Yen) from, 350,000 Europe of 2008 type ‘in presser WRC’ (approximately 43,000,000 Yen) to, the entire spirit 25 unit stands by to in addition to. As for the person, very our, to the professional drive corporation the inquiry.”

A short while ago Ben (who used to work at SWRT) sent me a link to www.subaruwrcspares.com. Between these two resources you can now build or have your dream WRC race car at a semi-decent price. From what I gather, this place is a common resource for the Subaru builder/tuner/racer in the UK. This is why you see ex-WRC chassis in UK Time Attacks. It must be nice to have Prodrive in your backyard. I guess its the same thing as us Americans being able to buy all the used NASCAR parts we want. Well, not quite as nice I suppose.

This is a good looking car. Now it looks like a buff ass Focus.

Wouldn’t one of these would be cool to have?

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