WATCH: 1000+ Horsepower / ZERO Fuel Starvation! The ULTIMATE FD RX-7 Fuel System Using the Factory Tank!

Anyone who takes their FD RX-7 to the track knows one the most annoying problems is fuel starvation! Take a fast turn with anything less than half a tank and there’s a good chance exiting that turn your car falls flat on its face because all your fuel sloshed to one side of the tank and the fuel pump pickup sucked in air… Those track days are over with Radium Engineering’s new Fuel Hanger Surge Tank for the FD Mazda RX7! The kit replaces the factory in-tank pump and top plate with provisions for 1, 2, or 3 aftermarket high pressure pumps and 1 lift pump in the stock Mazda FD RX7 fuel tank. A unique integrated 1.85L surge tank completely eliminates fuel starvation. No grinding, bending, or modification of the trunk floor sheet metal is required for a completely stock looking appearance! In this video we go over the entire system piece by piece and then install it into a customer car!

Parts Featured:

Radium Engineering Fuel Hanger Feed Kit – FD RX7 / Stainless Filter [PN 20-0455-03]
Radium Engineering DIY Wiring Kit – Single Pump [PN 17-0031]
AEM Alcohol Compatible High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump [PN 50-1220]

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    1. There is a thread over in from a couple of people who used the hydramat, if that was a RX7 specific question.

    2. no, just a general question. I don’t mean to down play what Radium has done here, I just would have thought the Hydramat would have rendered expensive fuel surge tank setups obsolete… unless it doesn’t quite work as advertised and there’s still a significant advantage to running a surge tank…?

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