WATCH: Get a Formula D License in 1 Day! | The Drift League


Friends, cars and a chance to win an FD Pro 2 License! What else do you need for a fun weekend? The Drift League presented by MotoIQ had its first shootout of the 2021 season and it was a major success! Great field of competitors and plenty of excitement to go around. Here are just some of the faces you’ll be seeing at the last shootout event of the 2021 season happening October 2nd and 3rd back at Willow Springs Raceway. You won’t want to miss it! Check out for more information on upcoming events and how you too can compete!

Huge thanks goes out to the great companies that support The Drift League and its competitors. 2021 title and round 1 sponsor STATUS. Round 2 sponsor BC Racing. Contingency sponsors CSF, NRG, Action Clutch and Tire Streets.

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    1. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

      That “shit” is probably something you couldn’t do if your life depended on it.

  1. There’s a huge difference between driving/racing/drifting by yourself/for fun/for time and doing it competitively door to door. I’m an amateur road racer and require a competition license, so yes you need a license to drift professionally. This is very cool and kinda makes me wonder what the licensing process looks like in the drift world outside of winning yourself a well earned pass. I can get my car sideways no problem and I can’t remember the last time I spun, but I flat out SUCK at drifting. It’s a completely different art form.

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