WATCH: How to Get 150hp/liter from your Honda!


Today in the MotoIQ Garage we’re building a hybrid K24 Honda engine for a customer who wants to get the most power out of his daily driven Acura RSX while still maintaining street drivability! Oh and it also has to run on crappy California 91 octane pump pee! Join Mike Kojima as he explains what parts we used and how we built it!

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  1. Great video, but there’s a much easier way to get 150hp/liter out of your Honda.

    Step 1: buy CBR1000RR – 999cc – 170hp
    Step 2: done

  2. Hey, great video Mike except for the sound, you have to do something about that high pitch ringing in the next one.

    Do you guys run a different ECU at all on a build like that or is tuning the stock ECU enough to get 320 out if it?

    To bad a K swap kit for miata costs more than the miata.

    1. Man, I can’t hear it on my computer gonna turn up the treble to see I I can hear it! We are going to use a Hondata Kpro to run the engine.

      I really want to build an NB Miata with an NA K24 with ITB’s. Then someone told me why don’t you just buy an S2K….

      1. I heard it too, but thought maybe it was just me.

        Regarding the S2k, they’re awesome, but I think K24 MX-5 would provide a cooler experience. I’d love one with a an Eaton TVS blower on it specifically!

          1. H sounds the best to me, the ringing happens when Mike says the “S” in “Some times”

          2. thanks guys! F was a low pass filter cut at 7000hz, and H was a canned de-noiser in Premiere. We got a couple more videos shot the same day in the same room so i’ll be sure and apply those filters on them. thanks for the help!

  3. I love NA Hondas and I have had an S2000 for several years now . My tuner did a K24 in one, but said he wished he would have kept the F22 in it . There is more power to be had with a K24, but the cost of the swap and then he also said that clutch engagement isn’t the best since you’re adapting it to fit. I never really got into the cams or pistons or anything, but the F22 is still an impressive engine and option if you want to just buy a whole car.

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