WATCH: Our Favorite Things at PRI 2018!
Join the MotoIQ crew as we each pick a few of our favorite things at the 2018 Performance Racing Industry Show (PRI) in Indianapolis! SEMA is the big popular automotive show of the year, but PRI is the show the serious performance heads look forward to. So sit back, grab some snacks and follow us as we walk you through the halls of this amazing show.

Featured stuff:

  • Wagler 5000hp billet diesel engine: @0:40
  • Pfitzner heavy dutY t-56 Magnum gearset & 6-speed sequential transmission: @3:46
  • Jesel “no compromises” V8 engine: @7:51
  • Chevrolet Sonic rally car: @17:10
  • Tilton Engineering sliding pedal assembly: @21:53
  • JE Pistons Ultra Forging Process: @25:52
  • Comp Cams shaft rocker system: @28:41
  • Turbosmart anti-lag valve: @33:09
  • Canton Racing expansion tank with integrated recovery tank: @38:24
  • Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC inverter welder: @39:43
  • Radium Engineering OEM drop-in surge tanks: @42:06
  • Toyota GT86 1FZ powered drag car: @43:42
  • K20 powered Time Attack Suzuki Swift: @51:50


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The Performance Racing Industry Show 2018: What’s New and Cool Edition


  1. 7000 RPM in a Diesel? How? I mean: if the rods are long enough, RPM would be feasible, but You do have to keep in mind that Diesel burns relatively slow. Although diesel isn’t really my thing, I would imagine that safe RPM is somewhere around 6000 RPM max? Otherwise it would still be igniting when the fase is already over? Would really like to know how they are managing that?

      1. Mmm… maybe he hit it right on the head with rod length? In school years ago my diesel performance teachers taught that a practical limit for high horsepower tuned diesel engines in modern light duty trucks (IE – Duramax, Cummins, Powersmoke, etc.) was about 4500-5k RPM, due again to limitations of the speed of fuel burn and presumably injection timing, but given the extreme nature of this application and the accuracy of modern piezoelectric common rail injectors, maybe it’s feasible to not see diminishing returns before 7K on straight diesel so long as the rod ratio allows the piston to stay up near the top of the bore long enough? Or did you say nitrous or propane because you all ready asked them about that in person?

      2. Any idea what the mix is for that? Because as far as I understand 5500 RPM is kind of the redline for diesels with 6000RPM as an upper limit. I still have some ex-collegue’s who worked at Audi and Peugeot for the le Mans entries.

        Propane isn’t very likely as an additive, since that has a octane rating of about 105. I run my car petrol car on LPG, so I know a thing or 2 about that. You can only add about 25% Propane before it will detonate prematurely. Natural gas on the other hand is about 130 octane, so would be more suitable I would think? You can run that up to 95%. I can run my car on the stuff, but can only get it in low pressure (as we use natural gas in our homes for heat, warm water and cooking). Does work though, runs better once you alter ignition timing, but because of low pressure your tank is empty in a heartbeat, so millage isn’t great.

        Nitrous will only lead to more diesel being added, as thats the only way to control RPM. Add more diesel, add more RPM. A runaway diesel is just a diesel with the injectors stuck fully open (reaching higher RPM then it can handle before it shits its intestines outside the block) So nitrous is only for added power, not for RPM capability?

        I know its used in England from a price benefit standpoint, als LPG is cheaper then diesel to run. But I haven’t heard any benefits of more power or extra RPM.

        But I could be wrong though, as I don’t have tons of expirience under my belt with diesels. I’ve done a couple, but thats nothing compaired to petrol engines.

        1. From what I understand is both Propane and Nitrous are injected, the Propane helps stabilize combustion and the Nitrous helps to burn all the excessive diesel being dumped in more completely. You can see it at the drag strip where a truck is pouring black smoke on the line but the smoke goes away right after the launch as the Nitrous/Propane is engaged. Like you I don’t have any hands-on experience with this stuff though and don’t have a feel for it.

          1. Weird rules in mainland Europe: It’s actually illegal to run a car on two types of fuel simultaneously .

            Nitrous isn’t an issue, since its not seen as a fuel. It actually only has to do with fuel taxing anyway. So it not safety related. You can have a vehicle that runs on multiple fuels, so long as it doesn’t do that simultaneously.

            As for feel: Running it as a fuel for an A to B car it rides actually quite nice. Can drive it lazy. Don’t expect any excitement, but you do arrive quite comfortably.

            Diesel tuning here is just limited to turning op de boost and injecting more diesel in regular 2.0 diesel engine. Mostly via a simple piggy back system, with no actual relevant understanding needed: Parameters just get altered by about 30% and hope for the best.

  2. Hot shit in the morning, so much good stuff.

    1) That Jesel motor is absolute fire, especially the combination adjustable valvespring seats/heatsinks and variable volume dry sump pressure stage, like modern industrial hydraulic systems use I wonder what effect that might have on overall oil temps? In industrial hydraulics those pressure referenced variable stroke pumps have a pretty profound effect on reservoir temps due to reducing the amount of pressure relief valves, really cool stuff!

    2) YES, A 1FZ BUILD. SO MUCH YES. Any idea who produces the camshafts for that monster? I’m guessing probably Kelford? I dunno about you, Mike, but I’d love to see somebody here in the states do a 1FZ in a sort of highway cruiser/weekend drag Mk3 Supra. I think that’d be pretty cool. I have a fair amount of respect for the JZ series engine, but for Pete’s sake, we even had one in a widebody RX-7 that my school built years ago, they’re friggin’ everywhere. I’ve had just about enough of people 2J-ing all the things.

    3) So nice to see somebody build a proper Suzuki Swift/Geo Metro. Back in my school days at UTI I had a classmate with a Geo Metro that was slowly building it into a sort of budget drag car, but unfortunately he passed away in a car accident literally the night before the final day of our engine management class, where he was all set to be the top student of our class. He was an extremely bright kid that absolutely had a future ahead of him in the racing industry, and it was really sad to see that life had other plans, but it’s nice to see somebody else with a passion for the same general chassis platform put so much love, energy, and skill into a build that I’m sure he would have truly appreciated. 10/10, would hoon!

    Overly long comment over, TL;DR – so much cool stuff, thanks for the content as always, Mike, and everybody else on the MotoIQ staff, keep up the great work!

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