We Test the BimmerWorld Exhaust and Epic Tune for S65 V8 M3


Next, remove the 02 sensors, which are located on the factory cats.

Remove the cats by undoing the two bolts on each of the four pipes’ flanges. Chances are, you’ll need to hold the back side of each bolt with another wrench.

After removing the bolts holding the rear of the section (in our case, the part bolted up to the Corsa exhaust), you’re ready to unbolt the exhaust support bracket. At this point, the exhaust should start to come down (so be careful). Yes, this picture already shows the new BW piece installed.

It’s always interesting to see some of the peculiar factory bends from BMW.

Here’s a look at the factory section (right) vs our new BW section on the left. The version 2.0 in the middle there was just a photobomb (and it’s backwards. Oops). Aside from gaining airflow by removing these cats, if BW claims to have gotten around 10 lb-ft of torque over its version 2.0 X-pipe setup from being 8-in forward, imagine how much more it should gain over stock here. Look at that difference, which looks to be more like two feet!


  1. I’m investigating issues where the E92 M3 with Bimmerworld resonated X-Pipe has a torque dip/hesitation/bog under light-moderate acceleration around 2500 RPM. Did you encounter this with your vehicle either before or after the tune?

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