We Visit the 2018 Tierra Del Sol Annual Safari! Or, the Experienced Idiot’s Guide on How to go Off-Roading


It was obvious Jeff had put a lot of thought into making his overlanding project as comfortable as possible. With a solid block of wood to act as a base, memory foam mattress, sleeping bag and a cooler full of beer and bacon (what else is there?), Jeff was the epitome of camping efficiency.  

My carbon footprint for this trip, however, was a little larger. There are no hotels out in the middle of nowhere, and while “roughing it” in a tent provides a great opportunity to beat your (hairy) chest, the niceties of a 32’ motorhome with slides makes the hobby last. As they say: “happy wife, happy life.”  MPG?  Don’t worry about it.

Dinner for Jeff: bacon and beans.  Thank 8lb 6oz newborn infant Jesus he brought his own sleeping arrangements.

No camping/glamping trip is complete without a campfire. Bust out the s’mores and tell lies all night long.

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