Wen’s R33 GT-R Launch Practice

After I tuned Wen’s car to 900+whp (HKS T51RSPL turbo) on the XS Engineering dyno, it was time for practice. Wen was using too much clutch and eventually fried the clutch the next day at the IDRC GT-R Challenge. Although Wen has run a best of a 10.6 second 1/4 mile before with less power and no two-step (Palmdale 2600 ft. elevation), he actually only ran a low 11 the following day at Fontana which is close to sea level. Going in right now is a PPG straight cut dog box and a new Exedy triple. Now Wen will have no more excuses. Wen’s car is one of the cleanest, high powered, GT-Rs in existence with a lot of attention to detail. But if you think Wen drives like a bitch, be sure to leave a comment. Wen works at DSPORT magazine so you can give the office a call and let him know there too.

I dig the way a proper RB26 idles…

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