Wheel Trends

I’ve been noticing an increasing amount of the wheels with the colored stripe around the circumference. You know, the “Time Attack” style of stripe. Volk probably started the trend first a couple years back and created the look for modified street cars. You know which wheels I’m talking about: the matte black TE37, CE28N, etc. wheels with the red stripe around the lip. Everybody got all up on the Volk wheels with the red stripe and started to buy the shit out of them. Of course the damn Chinamen/Filipino knock off wheel companies started doing their favorite thing: copying. So Rota, Raze, TenzoR, Axis, etc. have now brought the “Time Attack” look to the masses. Jesus, I can’t even count how many G35 coupes there are with the striped wheel look. Now you even have the ballers with the Benzes and Porsches buying into the same look. You know, the ballers who buy a brand new CLS500, paint it flat black, and then go buy some matte black wheels with the red stripe? Why do they do it? Because it looks pretty good I suppose. I ain’t gonna knock it. While it is probably considered an original JDM trend, it is in fact, FAR from a JDM original.

Here’s a Volk TE37 on top and a TenzoR fakie. If you didn’t know the Tenzo was made in China or the Filipines, you would think that it’s not a bad looking wheel.

The “look” isn’t limited to matte black wheels only. It is spreading to other colors too. This is a white CE28. Not for me, but whatever floats your boat.

But where does the Time Attack look really come from? It comes from NASCAR. The furthest thing from JDM.

“Time Attack” or “JDM” my fucking ass. Its the NASCAR look that you be rolling on your EVO, 350Z, G35, STi, Benz, Porsche, etc.

This hasn’t really changed my opinion on the “Time Attack” look at all, but I always hear people talking shit about NASCAR whether it be “redneck racing” or “boring” or whatever. Just remember that if you bought some “Time Attack” wheels then you got jacked. In reality, you just got yourself some NASCAR wheels. That dope ass flat black CLS500 you saw yesterday? Yes, he’s really rolling the NASCAR look. That dope yellow 997TT with the sick ass matte black wheels and the yellow stripe? Yep, he’s rockin NASCAR styling as well. And of course, your super JDM EVO with every single Voltex JDM body part on it and Volk TE37 “Time Attack” wheels? Yes, you too: your wheels are NASCAR style. There’s nothing wrong with NASCAR. I dig the last 20 laps of any NASCAR race. While JDM stuff is definitely cool, it isn’t always original. Don’t forget that we Americans are usually the innovators.

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