Whiteline Flatout – New Monster Suspension Catalog!

Whiteline New Catalog

Whiteline New Monster Suspension Catalog


Early 2011 sees the launch of the Whiteline International Suspension Catalog. The biggest and most in depth catalog to date from the well known suspension specialist truly positions Whiteline as one of the leading undercar suspension brands globally, with a unique offering of handling alignment products that cover an astounishing amount of global vehicles.

Whiteline Catalog Sample 


This latest Whiteline catalog edition features

  • Over 816 vehicles, with 2015 products covering 8880 applications

  • All the latest products for MY11 STi, Nissan R35 GTR, MKVI Golf and more

  • Orderly product segregation for prompt product referencing, for example under each vehicle products are segmented into:

         – Sway bars
         – Sway bar accessories
         – Alignment product
         – Bracing
         – Complete suspension arms
         – Polyurethane Bushings

  • The comprehensive addition of the Whiteline Plus polyurethane bushing range
  • Flip out cover with vehicle by vehicle suspension type reference
  • Popular product image reference
  • Tuning tips and more

Whiteline Catalog Cover


For those new to Whiteline, the brand graces a number performance suspension components that work hard to deliver real results and performance outcomes for vehicles and motorists the world over. Whiteline’s primary focus was initially delivering ‘bang for your buck’ handling gains from the simplicity of an anti sway bar. But over the years, the expertise, the knowledge, the reputation and the products have grown since progressed to include additional offerings such as the range of infamous anti lift/caster kits, roll centre adjuster kits, adjustable control arms, camber kits, polyurethane bushing kits, strut and chassis bracing.


For info on your nearest Whiteline Flat Out dealer visit www.whiteline.com.au/dealer.php or give them a call at (616) 399-9025



Whiteline Flat Out



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