Whiteline Flatout – Sway Bar Lateral Locks

Whiteline Lateral Locks


OE and aftermarket sway bar effectiveness can be hindered by worn or inadequate mounts, links and lateral stoppers. Whiteline swaybar accessories are heavy duty and long lasting to ensure the maximum output of the swaybar for improved grip and better handling.
Whiteline is pleased to announce its latest sway bar/ stabilizer/ anti roll bar accessory, the DIY alloy lateral locking system.  The lateral locking system can be utilized on factory, and more importantly, aftermarket sway bars. The locks can be easily installed on your car without the need to remove the sway bar.  They mount directly next to the sway bar mounting points and prevent the shifting or sideways movement that can occur under heavy  lateral/cornering loads.  This results in improved sway bar effectiveness while preventing the sway bar from contacting nearby chassis and steering components.

Whiteline Lateral Locks Evo X


Whiteline’s lateral locks are available in a range of inside diameters that cover the majority of OE and Whiteline sway bar applications.  All kits are sold in pairs (1 pair per sway bar) and feature gold anodizing & stainless steel bolts, appropriate installation tools and fitting guide.


Whiteline Lateral Lock App Guide 



For info on your nearest Whiteline Flat Out dealer visit www.whiteline.com.au/dealer.php or call them at (616) 399-9025



Whiteline Flat Out



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