Whiteline Jim is here!

MotoIQ's Whiteline Jim

Whiteline Jim is here!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Are you into handling? Are you interested in getting the most grip out of your production based car? Do you want to ask questions to a genuine performance suspension engineer? Do you want to post questions and have interaction with others of similar interest?

Well if this sounds like you, MotoIQ and Whiteline are bringing to you our Suspension 102 discussion group. To join Suspension 102 you must be a registered member of the MotoIQ community. You can register here! As a registered user you can join our groups, including our MotoIQ group where you can have a social network interfacing experience with other enthusiasts. You can navigate to our Groups page via the community tab on our home page community tab or click here!

Once you are part of the MotoIQ community you can create your own group or join other groups such as Suspension 102. You can navigate to suspension 102 from the Groups page under the community section or click here!

MotoIQ project EVO

In the Suspension 102 Group you can interact with Whiteline Jim, a suspension engineer from Whiteline. If you don't know, Whiteline is a maker of high quality advanced suspension components who has worked closely with MotoIQ on many suspension related projects. Whiteline Jim will make a good effort to reply to your production car based suspension set up questions within a few days (afterall he is busy!). Whiteline Jim is best able to answer questions on production based cars, so if you have a Formula Atlantic, ALMS car or some other pure racecar, Jim is not the best person for your suspension set up advice and he probably won't respond.

Whiteline EVO X swaybars

In Suspension 102 you will probably find other suspension and set up guys like our own experts Mike Kojima and Billy Johnson. Our Suspension 102 Group activities will cross post to our Suspension 102 discussion area in our forum as well. So what's stopping you? Join the MotoIQ community and ask Whiteline Jim!



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