Whiteline – New MAXG Inverted Strut Coilovers

Whiteline – New MAXG Inverted Strut Coilovers


Whiteline introduces new line of MAXG struts utilising inverted technology. The inverted design is race proven technology and produces an extremely strong damper, providing better suspension geometry under heavy lateral and braking loads as seen in a road and track environment.

  • High end, track ready suspension
  • Rebound adjustable (“Singles”) MAXG1’s
  • 14mm diameter internal shaft
  • 44.5mm diameter ‘inverted’ shaft struts
  • Steel cylinder body shocks, inverted
  • Floating piston design with high pressure nitrogen
  • Low friction seal
  • Matched performance springs






To request more information as more MAXG applications are released or to learn more about the other products makes to increase handling performance, be sure to visit Whiteline.com.au 



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