Working at your own garage at home

I have to admit, for the past 13-14 years I’ve had the luxury of using a shop to work on my cars. I still have access to a shop, but not when I want to do something quick. I have to drive all the way to XS in Garden Grove to do that. So I pulled the intercooler off my Lexus to clean the intercooler and straighten some of the fins, but I did it in my garage. What a bitch when you don’t have a good tool set. Or jack, or chemicals, or rags, or anything else. I’ve never kept supplies at home since I never work on the cars at home. What makes it worse is that I have about $15k of Snap On tools at XS. So all you guys working on your cars at home: much props. For the heavy duty work, I still leave the cars at XS and ask Troy to sneak them into their work schedule though. Professional work is the best work: I tune and build engines, but generally do not wrench.


My garage is messy as shit.


My Lexus GS engine bay. Koji and Pete at XS fabricated the exhaust manifold for the T04X^2 turbocharger. 430whp@15psi on 91 octane (transmission limited). Enough to take out the older BMW M5 V-8 with chip and exhaust from 80-160mph, but not much else. This is with a huge weight penalty with 6 amplifiers (5500 watts rms) and 20″ Work wheels. I think I’m going to get it ready to sell it – anybody want to buy it?

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