World Time Attack Challenge 2012 – Practice Day

World Time Attack 2012

World Time Attack Challenge 2012 –  Practice Day

By Martin Gonzales


We are coming to you LIVE from down-under once again this year to keep you updated on what has come to be one of the most anticipated motorsport events of the year – the World Time Attack Challenge!  Team America's BNR32 may be in the wrong continent, but Emirates managed to get your small MotoIQ reporting staff to the right place.  Jeff and I will be giving you daily updates of what's going on at Eastern Creek Raceway as fast as we can manage.  We arrived in Sydney at 6:30 in the morning and immediately headed out to our room in Rooty Hill, which is just minutes from the track.  Sore and sleep deprived from a full day of travel it was extremely difficult to not give in to our comfy beds, but we powered through to give y'all a sneak peek of what's to come at this year's WTAC. 


World Time Attack 2012, Nemo Racing Evo 9, Nemo Evo IX
One of the most anticipated cars out here is the Nemo Racing Evo IX.  This is one of the SICKEST builds we've ever seen.  The wing on this thing is bigger than my wingspan!  I guess that's not saying much since I'm only 5' 10″, but still.


Day one is more of an arrive and set up time for the most part, but man were we glad to have made it out!  The hardware already here is enough to make any gearhead giggle like a little girl – and we were doing just that.  But most importantly, we got word that Cyber Evo's record lap time of 1:28.8 set at last year's event had already gone down!  It's not official of course, but Tilton Interior's Evo ran a 1:27.1 during one of their practice runs.  That's right folks, that is almost a full 2 seconds faster!  


World Time Attack 2012, Tilton Evo, Tilton Interiors Evo IX
A quick look at things to come on MotoIQ – the Tilton Interiors Evo IX is not at WTAC to play, they are here to win!


Thanks to Eric we had the chance to hang out in their pits and were welcomed to shoot the car in detail.  So be sure to check back with us for a sick Sneak Peak at the Titon Interiors Evo IX!  Now on to some of the eye candy from the WTAC Day One – Practice.


World Time Attack 2012, Toyota AE86, Levin,
First car we saw as we started walking through the pits was this beautiful Hachiroku.  This car is no “show-n-shine” queen; it will be competing in the Open Class.


World Time Attack 2012, RB26
From far away at first I thought this was a fox-body Mustang.  Let's see if anyone not from Australia can guess what this RB26 powered beast is?


World Time Attack Challenge 2012, RB26


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