Wrench Tip: Torquing Unreachable Fasteners
After entering our values, the calculator calculates our new torque setting to be 27.4 ft-lbs. Something to note is that the units don’t actually matter as long as the two lengths you input are of the same unit.
We can now set our torque wrench to our new calculated setting of 27.4 ft-lbs.
Thanks to some “bad experiences”, we like to use Blue Threadlocker on the driveshaft bolts as an extra precaution.
Now you can torque down the nuts. The trickiest part is actually keeping the crowfoot straight. It also helps to have a friend holding the e-brake so that the driveshaft doesn’t spin as you torque.

One final tip–you can actually use a crowfoot without calculating a new torque setting if you set it at a 90 degree angle. This is because the lever length is unchanged since the crowfoot is pointed tangent to the lever arm.  

Ultimately, it is possible to torque these seemingly unreachable fasteners. With as little as a $10 crowfoot wrench set, an online calculator (you don’t even need to remember your trig!), and a ruler, you can save yourself the headache and hassle of a hole in your floor pan. You choose.  


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