Wrench Tips #12 – Spark Plug Hose

Wrench Tips – Tip #12: Spark Plug Hose

I’m sure this has happened to all of you. You know when you dig a classic Miata show car out of the basement and it won’t start because the gas in it is 10 years old?


wrench tips Miata Mono Posto

So of course you go to pull the spark plugs out and smell how fouled with with skunky old turpentine they are and, what’s this? You can’t find a spark plug socket?

Ok, so a regular deep-well socket will do for loosening the plugs, but how do you get the plugs out of those pesky wells when you can’t find any tools?

The answer is right there in front of you:


wrench tips Miata Mono Posto engine

See it? Look closer:


wrench tips Miata Mono Posto breather hose

There you go!


wrench tips Miata Mono Posto

You can thank MotoIQ nerd Tyler Rose for suggesting this one.


-Dave Coleman


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