Wrench Tips #20: Tape Your Nuts

Wrench Tips

Tip #20: Tape Your Nuts

by Dave Coleman


If you’ve never had to start a bolt that was out of reach, you’ve probably never owned a wrench. Here’s a simple trick to make those hard-to-reach bolts easier to start: Use a socket and extension to hold the nut or bolt you’re trying to start. If you use a piece of tape to take up the slack between the bolt and the socket, there will be enough friction to hold the bolt in place. Obviously, this works just as well with Allen bolts.

Wrench tips tape your nuts
A simple scrap of masking tape makes a tight enough fit between bolt and tool to defy gravity.


wrench tips tape your nuts
Without the tape trick, getting this allen bolt through this hole and into these washers would have been a pain in the ass.


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