Wrench Tips #27: Restoring Plastic is (Sometimes) Easy!

 Wrench Tips #27   


Restoring Plastic is (Sometimes) Easy!

by Dave Coleman

I failed freshman chemistry, so let me be right up front here and point out that I have no idea how this stuff works or if the effect is purely cosmetic, but still, take a look at this:

Wrench Tips #27: Plastic Restoration in a Can! 

I got this crusty old Miata radiator from my friend Moti at Blackbird Fabworx after my (much better looking) radiator turned out to be full of holes. The plastic end tanks on this new radiator, as you can see, were faded and oxidized. One quick spray with this 10-year old can of Motul Silicone Spray (hint: if you're looking for this stuff, the can graphics have been changed), and the plastic suddenly looks new again. 

Again, I have no clue how this works, but I like it.

This same can has also, on occasion, been used to make brown old tires look new again without leaving that slimy, Soul Glow finish most tire dressings leave. 


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