Wrench Tips #32: Precision for Pennies

 Wrench Tips 

Wrench Tips #32:

Precision for Pennies

by Dave Coleman


This tip comes to you, in a roundabout way, from Alex Vendler, creater of the MetroGnome, mastermind of the Miatabusa, and keeper of the Starletabusa.

Weightweeniedom is a common malady among engineers, but when you take it to extremes, shaving grams instead of pounds, it can be hard to quantify just how effective your weight loss efforts are. Unless, that is, you look behind the counter at Harbor Freight Tools. 

Wrench Tips #32 cheap precision light weight gram scale

This sweet little gram scale can be yours for something between $10 and $15, and it reads consistently (note I'm not claiming accuracy…) down to 0.1g.

Alex wasn't using it for weight weenieing, though, he was using it to measure out precise ratios of epoxy resin and hardener for the Miatabusa's carbon fiber intake manifold

When you're looking for it, don't waste your time scanning the shelves. Something so small, so pocket sized, and so handy in the drug trade can only be warehoused behind the counter. Just ask for the U.S. Magnum 1000XR gram scale, item# 97920


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