WTF? No Car!

I just got back from Turkey yesterday and I had to take a taxi to dinner earlier. I currently have 6 cars and I can’t drive any of them at the moment. Can you fucking believe that shit? It’s partially my fault since I lag on maintaining my 96 Maxima (daily beater) and it was leaking water so the regular maintenance and repairs should be done at XS any day now. My 2000 GS300 has a flat tire because I lag on getting a new tire, but the tire store bent my 20″ Work wheel last time they mounted a tire so it leaks. I gotta get that fixed, but that’s a whole bitch in itself. My 91 Supra runs, but is not tuned and I haven’t had time to finish it. My 94 GT-R runs, but the guys at XS need it to build the dry sump oil pan for the XS BNR32 Time Attack GT-R. My 91 Integra runs, but it doesn’t pass smog and I haven’t registered it. I have a 93 RX-7, but it’s a project car that I’ll probably never finish. Lastly I have my 91 240SX S13 that is at Design Craft because Gary lags on the cage. So 6 cars and how am I getting around?


It’s good exercise though. From home to Cosworth it’s about a 6 minute drive. Now it’s a 15 minute ride.

I never realized it, but all my cars are from the 90’s. It’s time to sell the GS and get something new. Anybody want to buy a 450whp widebody GS300 with 20″ Work wheels and a WIN Racing body kit? Also I’m thinking to sell my 91 Integra and 93 RX-7 shell.?= Hit me up.

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