XS BNR32 GT-R Left Front Wheel in the Air

Sean the living GT-R database, posted a pic of the XS BNR32 lifting the front left wheel after I shifted into 2nd gear.

While this looks ultra fucking cool on a 4WD car, in actuality the front shock length is too short (it’s a road racing suspension) so at full droop the suspension does not extend far enough for the tire to contact the ground when the rear suspension squats this hard (as in a drag situation). The triple adjustable KWs massive adjustment range and the rear subframe mods we made also help with squat/traction despite the stiff ass springs. To lift a big ass cast iron straight 6 with two turbos hanging off it is what you definitely call weight transfer.
SOURCE: Skyline GT-R s in the USA Blog

Here’s another picture of the car with Tarzan Yamada driving on the Fontana infield exiting turn 16 and coming on to the front straight. This is with the softer HKS Hipermax ProPerformer suspension during a 3rd to 4th gear shift. Here we could have used a slightly longer shock length for more droop in the front left as well. Any sponsors for track time and a suspension dial in session?

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