You Can’t Beat this Meat

Since most of us are on vacation right now, I’m going to do the same thing and take a vacation from writing about car related shit. I live and breathe cars the other 355 days out of the year so I need a break too.

I’m in the hotel room resting right now from a pretty nasty fall. I’ve never eaten shit on a snowboard where you roll over head first. The conditions in Niseko are beautiful right now and the snow is literally powder almost everywhere, but falling over on your neck is never a good thing. So I’m going to chill out for the rest of the day. I got in 4 bitchin runs down various slopes today so I’m satisfied for now. In Niseko, the lifts take you WAY up the mountain so one run down the mountain is a long one.

The night we Yaya, Mitsuko, and I landed in Tokyo, their dad and his assistant picked us up at Narita in a Benz S600 V-12 and a Toyota Aristo JZS161 (GS300 turbo). Nice. When we got to the Tajima mansion in Tennozu Isle, Tokyo, Michiko (their mom and an incredible cook) was preparing dinner. Apparently their dad ordered a big ass slab of primo beef that the Emperor of Japan also eats. Let’s just say that this is the absolute best tasting beef that I have EVER eaten in my life. It literally melts in your mouth!

We ate the beef with American style gravy and Japanese style with grated daikon and a touch of soy sauce. It kicked ass both ways.

Here’s 1/2 of the slab left over. You can see the marbling of fat in the flesh. It tasted absolutely incredible. The emperor eats GOOD.

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