Zestino Gredge 07RS Race Track Tire Test

Zestino Gredge 07RS Race Track Tire Test

by Karla Pestotnik

It would be pretty comical if we saw Usain Bolt running the 100 meter dash in the Olympics without shoes. He would most likely not be breaking any world records or winning any gold medals without shoes on. Undoubtedly, a good pair of track spikes has helped Usain gain the traction he needs to push himself forward and eclipse the run in record breaking pace. The same can be said for someone looking to whip up some quick lap times with just wheels and no tires on. A good set of high-performance tires can make or break the handling capabilities of any vehicle. This concept applies even more so on a purpose-built vehicle designed to push the limits of lateral g's around a race track.

Every year, tire manufacturers develop new compounds and tread patterns designs to aid in the road holding capabilities of the tire. It's no surprise that we see more records being broken year after year. One of the newcomers (to the United States) looking to make their mark in the high-performance driving arena is Zestino Tyres, with their newly developed, ultra-high performance tire- the Gredge 07RS. These tires are DOT approved, with a 140 tread wear rating. With an aggressive tread design, shown below, we were curious to see what they were capable of.


The Gredge 07RS mounted up and ready for in-depth testing.

We chose to test the Gredge 07RS on the Karla Pestotnik Racing Honda S2000. What good is a tire test without knowing more about the vehicle being used? Relatively moderate upgrades have been made to the Time Attack oriented AP1 generation S2000 and include a stock, full AP2 driveline swap: F22 engine, transmission, and differential. Power modifications include a Berk exhaust and Mugen headers. Suspension modifications include KW Clubsports coilovers, J’s racing camber kit, J’s racing roll center adjuster, J’s racing bump steer kit, and Spoon Sports rigid collars. Finally, aerodynamic modifications include a Kognition wing and custom front splitter.


The selected test vehicle- the Karla Pestotnik Racing S2000.

With ample tire size options available, we chose to test the Gredge in 255/40ZR17, which fit comfortably and provided a nice stretch on the 10″ wide Volk Racing wheels. New sizes are also being released, so be sure to check their website for the most current sizes available.


The 255/40ZR/17 sized tires provide a nice stretch on the Volk CE28 RT 17×10 +44 wheels.

On their website, Zestino advertises the Gredge 07RS’s as high performance tires that “provides drivers with the confidence to drive at the maximum limit.” My first question was, what exactly is it about these tires that will provide me, as a driver, confidence?

Every aspect to the tread design of these tires has significance, with the most exciting being the lightning-shaped grooves and the shorter, horizontal grooves. The lightning-shaped grooves aid in lateral traction. The shorter, horizontal grooves aid in directional stability. All it takes is one push to exceed the limit in order for me to agree with Zestino’s advertised confidence boost- these tires are very progressive beyond the limit and are incredibly easy to drive on. I must say, however, that I am glad that this type of forgiving tire technology didn’t exist in all street tires when I first started to learn performance driving, or else I would probably not have the skill set that I have today. For all advanced drivers out there, these tires will be a breath of fresh air for you.


The confidence inspiring tread design, with each groove addressing specific performance needs.


  1. Between these and an AR-1, whichin your opinion is the softer compound more appropriate for short hillclimbs?

  2. I have a set on my Focus ST. They need one+ lap to warm up, after that the grip is amazing. I also have a set of Bridgestone RE-71RS, the Zestino are grippier. No oily at all, even at the limit (it will start to make a slight noise) still are holding, a little rubbing but still steerable. No good on wet pavement, especially on turns. For the price, you can’t ask any more if riding on dry weather.

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