#1 steak in Florida


Last night I went to Charley’s the #1 rated steak house in Florida. It’s even consistently rated top 10 in the entire country. I think you can check it out at www.charleyssteakhouse.com. Was it good? It was the absolute most tender steak I’ve had in my life. Actually it was 2 bone-in veal fillet mignons and 1 bone-in veal chop. I also had a giant baked potato, some mashed potato, garlic bread, a house salad, a giant piece of asparagus, a piece of fried green tomato, a bite of key lime pie, and 7 grey goose and sodas. I think I ate 2,000,000 calories….but fuck was it good…..I think the fried green tomato is a southern thing. I probably wouldn’t recommend it.

Picture 016.jpg Picture 020.jpgPicture 021.jpg Picture 022.jpg

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