Cool shit at PRI


PRI is pretty dope. There are a lot of real deal race parts here. What I like checking out are the exotic parts. Enter the AP carbon race rotors, pads, and monoblock calipers. You can buy multiple CARS with how much these brakes cost. They are designed for prototypes, ALMS P2 & 675 race cars, LeMans, and other balls out racing. I love this shit.

Picture 023.jpg Picture 024.jpg


I was cruising around the show and I ran into the Tomei booth. Since Tomei is now in the USA, our friend Eiji Mihara who you’ll see in the very soon to be released JDM Insider, was there slanging his goods. Tomei will be stocking their entire line of SR20, EVO, and STi parts. You can order and install Tomei parts from your number one favorite shop: XS Engineering!!

Picture 025.jpg

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