10 Fastest Cars of the World Time Attack Challenge Pro Class

3. Garage Revolution FD3S RX-7, driven by Mitsuhiro Kinoshita, best lap 1:30.5010

This car is beautifully built hands down. Virtually no attention to detail was overlooked, but this car’s controversial semi-tube frame construction definitely caused some concern for other Pro class competitors and the Japanese Super GT GT300 inspired body work probably gave it an edge aerodynamically. However, Kinoshita wasn’t able to pilot the car quick enough to beat the EVOs. Daniel from GCG Japan, the team’s translator, also mentioned to me that the car was an ex-Super GT race car which probably gave it the biggest edge of all having been professionally developed. My fear was that a high powered, light weight, rear wheel drive car should really shine on a track like Eastern Creek. Speaking to Mr. Aoki, the team boss, at the post race party on Sunday night, he mentioned that a lot of time was spent dialing in the car’s suspension, gear ratios, and other details which kept the car from going faster. Also it was their first time using the Sunoco GT+ unleaded race fuel which also took some time to get Motec ECU remapped. Naturally with a rotary engine, remapping on track would be best done conservatively over time. The car produces 600bhp at 1.5 bar from the GCG turbo on Garage Revolution’s in house engine dyno. Being only a two rotor 13B-REW engine, the engine has a very limited life span. Aoki says the port configuration is a side and periphial intake port combination that uses standard Mazda 3 piece apex seals. Weighing in at only 1100kg (according to Aoki) or 1000kg (according to Tarzan), this car certainly has the potential to go faster next year. Revolution wants to come back next year with everything they’ve learned this year and Aoki believes the car will definitely come back faster.

While the factory rear shock towers are there, you’ll notice a tubular rear subframe that is tied into both the cage which is tied into a rear bulkhead which is tied into the rear suspension, etc. Even though this car was allowed to participate, check with WTAC before building your semi-tubular Time Attack car. All of the sheet metal behind the rear sway bar has been replaced by carbon fiber.

Look out on MotoIQ for an in depth feature in the near future on the Garage Revolution FD.

4. Tilton Interiors EVO 9, driven by Garth Walden, best lap 1:30.886

This EVO was the fastest Australian entry at WTAC 2011. Considering it was a brand new car and Scott at Insight Motorsports just finished tuning the engine at 5 AM before the 9 AM Thursday practice, this car did really well. Of course it helps that Garth probably knows every little bump and crevice on the track surface being the manager and driving instructor at Radical Australia which is located conveniently at Eastern Creek Raceway. The car is owned by Kosta of Tilton Interiors and built by Radical Australia and Insight Motorsports. I believe both Kosta and Garth will drive in the future. The car uses a ViPEC ECU, Motec power distribution unit, and Motec diff controller. The bodywork and aero is from Voltex Japan. When I got to Eastern Creek on Tuesday before the event, the guys at Radical were thrashing on the EVO to get it prepped for Thursday practice. Despite having suffered head gasket issues due to a wiring mishap or ECU failure, two broken transmissions, and a list of other teething problems associated with a new car, Garth was still able to crank out an impressive 1:30.886 lap time. For a summary of the team’s experiences, CLICK HHHEEERRREEE. With some more development, this car will definitely be in the podium fight for next year.

This car is also an ultra clean build or it was before the thrashing at WTAC anyway. The dry sump system is pretty trick looking too. Look out for a feature on this car on MotoIQ in the near future. Kosta wants to bring the car and team to the USA so expect to see it next year in North America after the car is developed further. It sounds like to me that Kosta and Garth want to take a crack at Buttonwillow.

5. Scorch Racing S15 Silvia, driven by Anda Suzuki, best lap 1:31.456

The Scorch S15 is owned and driven by Anda Suzuki. His nick name in Japan is “Under Suzuki” which he earned in the early days of the S15 when the car would always understeer badly. This car is a 100% privateer effort being designed, built, and developed by Suzuki and a few of his friends which makes the results even more impressive. I know very little about this car not having met the owner or crew, but I heard they were struggling with something inside of the Hollinger having to do with gear selection and the part broke twice in two days. It’s not a part that normally fails so something wasn’t quite right. Watch the in car camera below. You can see the car makes plenty of power which makes it traction limited. I suspect the turbo might be sized a little big, but that’s nothing a little anti-lag, a fly by wire throttle, and traction control can’t fix if he’s got a capable ECU. It looks like plenty of fun to drive though. This car has plenty of potential at only 1010kg with 700hp @ 2.3 bar of boost.

For more info on the Scorch Racing S15, CLICK HEEERRREEE.

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