10 Fastest Cars of the World Time Attack Challenge Pro Class


9. GT Auto Garage/HKS Australia R35 GT-R, driven by Steve Glenney, best lap 1:32.413

I was really glad a R35 GT-R made it into the top 10. I was beginning to worry there for a bit, but I knew Glenney would be the one to pull it off. He kept going faster and faster once the team sorted out the many problems with the ABS and varioius electrical system errors. As some of you know, the R35 is an electrical nightmare. Making too many changes at one time will result in even more problems. Since this car was built in a mere three weeks, that was exactly what was done: too many changes were made at one time so the only testing the team had with the car was the Thursday test day that was spent mostly in the garage diagnosing electrical problems. Some teething problems included a fuel pressure gauge’s plastic window melting and causing a fire, body work barely getting done last minute not to spec and not fitting correctly, and a host of other small issues that happen with a brand new car. Glenney told me how much the car weighed, but I forget. I remember that it was still quite heavy though. The engine makes in the neighborhood of 600KW or 858hp at the wheels so it sounds wicked coming down the front straight.

Talking to Glenney and Andrew Brilliant who designed the aero, they both sounded positive about the car’s future. Andrew mentioned a V2 aero revision since the body didn’t quite turn out according to his design. Glenney thinks there’s definitely more laptime to be found by just spending some time developing the car and its suspension. He said driving the car was awesome because it was just so easy using the paddles. If the team develops the car further, expect to see this car in the fight for the podium. Hopefully the R35’s show up on 19 or 20″ wheels. Is it me or do R35’s with 18″ wheels look funny?

There’s plenty of stuff going on under the hood of this R35.

10. MCA Suspension S13 Silvia, driven by Earl Bamber, best lap 1:33.062

MCA Suspension built this car to showcase their suspension’s abilities. This was another Aussie car completed at the last minute with no testing, but once again it did well considering. This car takes advantage of the nearly unlimited aero rules of the Pro class. While the car definitely looks odd, the car must have been working pretty good considering the car only makes 500hp at the wheels out of the SR20DET with a VE cylinder head. The driver, Earl Bamber, mentioned that the car was getting quicker with adjustments and without too much drama. It turns out that Earl was already familiar with Eastern Creek having competed and finished on the podium three times in the A1GP series. More power, more testing, and more development will definitely bring this car closer to the podium. 

The front bumper is so wide with the wings that they must be removed before the car is pulled into the garage. Look out soon for an in depth feature on MotoIQ on the MCA Suspension S13. You S chassis/SR20 fans are going to dig this car.

There are definitely other cars worth mentioning, but this article only covers the 10 fastest. For a complete list of WTAC 2011 results, CLICK HEEERRREEE. I would have really liked to see the Pulse Racing EVO in action, but it suffered from oil starvation and lost an engine during the Thursday practice. Likewise the Motive DVD S14 Silvia also suffered from oil starvation. A proper dry sump oil system or some kind of convoluted JDM style crazy swinging pickup/baffle system is probably almost a prerequisite for the Pro class with the g-forces these cars can attain. Hopefully we’ll see some Subarus in the top 10 next year also.

Again, look out for features on some of these cars coming soon. See you in Sydney in 2012!

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