2017 Formula Drift Pro2 – Road Atlanta


#2 Dirk Stratton in the Lingenfelter Perf. / Achilles Radial / Stratton Racing Corvette went up against #15 Chris Filippi in his Team Burn The Most / Fitzgerald Glider Kits / XXR Wheels S13. Straton would take the W.


#3 Josh Robinson in the Magnuson Superchargers Holden 350Z would unfortunately suffer a mechanical, conceding the win to #14 qualifier Hooman Rahimi and his I'm Only Hooman Z.

You can learn more about Hooman's Pro2 efforts here.


Powering up the hill during the battle between #4 Austin Meeks and his Committed Service Brand Animal Cinema Talent S14 against #13 Spike Chen with the Drift Access – Free Drift Day – Team Cali Gold – SCR 240sx. Meeks would get the nod to advance.


Coming through the top of the loop, #5 Brody Goble leads in the BG Motorsports S14.5 while #12 Ola Jaeger follows in his Team Japan Auto Toyota Supra. Goble would be the stronger of the two.


Next, #6 Andy Hately would pilot the Orange Bang BMW against #11 Travis Reeder's S13. Despite Hately seeming to be a crowd favorite, Reeder would be the judges', and advance.

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