38th Annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach


Grand Prix of Long Beach 
While it was pouring cats & dogs outside, the drift boys waited indoors while the ALMS squads fought the bad weather.


Though Formula Drift held their Long Beach event the weekend before the Grand Prix, the team over at Formula Drift puts together a drifting demo for the Grand Prix fans.  It's a really neat opportunity to watch the pros drift the entire circuit!  They had to make their practice runs in the wet, but that did not seem to slow them down one bit.

Grand Prix of Long Beach, drift  
Once they got on track, the drift demo crew felt right at home on the slippery street circuit.


Grand prix of long beach, drift, cyrus martinez, final speed garage 
Cyrus Martinez in the Final Speed Garage S13 testing out the wet grip of the Falken RT-615s. 


Grand Prix of Long Beach, drift


grand prix of long beach, drift 
As you can see, the skies cleared up on Saturday and we were left with perfect weather for the remainder of the race weekend. 


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