5 Performance Car Engines That Suck

5 Performance Car Engines That Suck!

by Mike Kojima

We are going to go out on a limb and make a lot of fanbois angry. They will call BS and burn us in effigy.  However we are still gonna express our opinions, which were developed over the years in the School of Hard Knocks, and talk about real issues we have seen when racing and developing many of our industry’s favorite, and even legendary, engines. Now don’t get us wrong- these engines can be turned into successful racing platforms when some major engineering and big dollars are applied, but a lot of it is beyond the “easy to figure out, easy buy and bolt-on stage” that most street tuners dream about.

Now, most of these engines are fine for street use- even hard street use.  Most of them can hang together okay for a 1/4 mile blast through the gears, but when the they hit the track for motorsports where they have to hold together for more than just a rip through the gears or a few seconds, hard use is where you see difficult to fix issues come up.

Road racing, Time Attack and top end events like the Texas Mile, Bonneville and the Silver State Classic are the true test of an engine builder’s prowess.

Lets check out the hows and whys of the 5 engine that suck list!

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