5Zigen Releases KOMA Light Weight Lug Nuts

5Zigen KOMA lug nuts


5ZIGEN KOMA Light Weight Lug Nuts

5ZIGEN USA introduces KOMA Aluminum Lug Nuts, as a limited supply item for the truck and SUV market in the USA.  The lug nuts were developed through the extreme racing conditions in which 5Zigen has being competing.   Despite its light weight features wrought out of Geralnium (A7075), these special chrome coated lug nuts exceeds more than 30% in strength (reaching the strength of HV300 by stress testing).  The precision machining, the extreme care in weight reduction and the special “rollet” diamond cutting (slippery prevention purpose) all add up to be the most desirable craft racing equipment.

5Zigen KOMA Lug Nuts are packaged 20 pcs of 19HEX L=50MM and 4 pcs of L=50MM lock.   They are available in 12 x 1.5 and 12 x 1.25.


For more information on this and other 5Zigen applications please follow the link below to the 5Zigen site:


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