Superlap Battle Finals-Congratulations Billy Johnson, Eric Hsu and Dai Yoshihara

 Billy Johnson

Superlap Battle Finals-Congratulations Billy Johnson, Eric Hsu and Dai Yoshihara

MotoIQ staff report

Congratulations to MotoIQ‘s Fast Lap Editor Billy Johnson and MotoIQ contributor, Formula D star Dai Yoshihara for their wins at Source Interlink’s Superlap Battle finals at Buttonwillow Ca.  There is a lot of celebration around the MotoIQ office as three teams staffed by MotoIQ editors reigned supreme including the winning and record setting Sierra Sierra EVO watched over by Beyond the Dyno editor Eric Hsu.

Sierra Sierra
The long missing from action Sierra Sierra EVO made its debut after a long development cycle where head sealing, weight and power issues were addressed and improved upon.  The result, a mind blowing 1:41.046 lap time smashing the record book wide open.

FX Motorsports Development, Billy Johnson, and the Cricket/Yokohama Tire Unlimited RWD Class NSX crushed the long standing Buttonwillow 13 record held by the HKS C230 EVO.  The FX Motorsports NSX has been notably absent from the time attack scene this season as it underwent a yearlong development cycle to prepare it for its main goal for 2010.

The FXMD NSX also reappeared on the Time Attack scene after a long absence for development.  The car has sprouted Andrew Brilliant penned aero while it was away.  The FXMD crew overcame many obstacles to rip out an amazing 1:41.949.  This was good for the Unlimited FR track record and second to the Sierra Sierra EVO. It will be great to see FXMD, GST Motorsports and Sierra Sierra battle it out in 2011 for supremacy of the Time Attack world!

The goal was simple, crush the Buttonwillow Super Lap Battle record held by the HKS EVO.  At the end of the day the goal was accomplished with a lap time of 1:41.949, besting the HKS EVO record 143.523.  This time was good enough to set a new Unlimited RWD record and second overall for Super Lap Battle. Check out FXMD’s in-car video of the fast lap below:

GST Subaru Imprezza L
GST claims that their data acquisition system showed them on track to run a lap time in the 1:40 range when a weld on an intercooler end tank split robbing them of about 300 hp halfway through their flying lap.  GST backed up the talk by smoking the Redline Time Attack Lap record a few days later at Cal Speedway.

Crew chief Radomir Banda (FES) said, “I had a great deal of concern going into the race as we made some significant changes to our platform.  During testing we ended up losing a head gasket, so we worked all through the night to rebuild the engine.  On race day we struggled with set-up and on the last session we ended up having an engine failure cutting our time short and possibly costing us the overall victory.  I am disappointed, proud, and excited at the same time.  Congrats to Sierra Sierra on the victory time of 1:41.046 but, that time will not hold up for long. ” 

driving ambitions NSX
The Driving Ambitions NSX finished a distant second in Unlimited FR to the FXMD NSX with a 1:50.190.


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